Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Welcome March!

The official Flower of the Month of March...
and the common name for any flower in the Narcissus family...

It was also the name of the rabbit on the Children's animated show-
"Clifford's Puppy Days"... and a Swedish Musical Group...and
American Record label...

P Allen Smith- has over 400,000 of these planted on
his Moss Mountain Farm 
... and you can tour them...

It's also the name of a Dutch Automobile from the 1960s...

Mine are starting to come up in my yard.... and I love to float
the flower heads in a bowl... as well as arrange them!!!

There are a wide variety of colors- Yellow, White, Peach- even GREEN... and sizes... both large and small... including fragrant flowers, double blooms and much more... 

Ball Horticultural Company is the breeder of quality cut flowers grown
the world over- Ball technology insures the finest quality for consistently
beautiful cut flowers.  Learn more about Ball cut flower varieties here! 

P.S. We call this Flower- the Daffodil... Welcome March!
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